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Your newborn baby

To view your newborn baby activities better


The healthy newborn baby in a baby pleasant prospect caused each parent. As a child, the parent embryo from the mother’s womb and Honour Day Watch all of those with an affective moment, she is the child’s birth. On science, nutritious food, a mother engaged in leisure patterns and lots of exercises should not cause any persistent fear about birth.

Your newborn baby from the moment of birth loaded 10 months of life paid full edition closed the world. Then therenewborn baby is the opening whistle. This time from the common challenges

faced by the child. Embryonic stage, and then during the moment of birth, when the child in various diseases and disorders and dishwashing critical trends are the densest. Are the result of a very large negative margin of neglect.

The unfortunate way the child will face any problem or could be a propensity of a child with disabilities. Although this condition can prevent a certain extent with those health habits and unexpected conditions on the child inevitably cause may be a child with special needs.

Basically, the mother should be monitoring a newborn baby. The baby will spend more time with her because. If the baby is having problems at the birth face the staff are presented with a good knowledge of it. with birth complications caused by parents should be made aware of the problems faced by the next life.

The problems faced by the newborn baby at birth Fits and various complications can occur and they should seek proper medical treatment grinding.

The newborn baby becoming problematical situations in their physical, mental, behavioral problems and complications occur, and understanding the various sectors. To understand the problems if any of the development of the child,

you should be aware of normal child work out the growth piyavarehidī. You base with baby clinic card and an additional family health officer, consultant pediatrician, your professional / physical / speech and language therapist will tell you, even the adult experience and well.

baby during the period from birth up to the kinetic activity clearly development. The main motor actions.


  • Side by side overturning.
  • Downward overturning.
  • Straight to the head.
  • Stunts daṇagǣma, to sit.
  • With support from the.
  • Some children walk.

Many of these children are performing acts beginning within the first year. The average child in a child with special needs to the next stage of growth in the backward steps it is how you are viewed. For example, a child with special needs does not directly put the head until seven or eight months. But it happens when an ordinary child of 3-4 months. Similarly, if the motor is clearly lagging behind the rest of your actions should be implemented.

The newborn baby’s eye movements to track a child’s body, the mouth position abnormalities, limbs, joints, bone deformities and muscle stiffness or loose change that gives tips on the child’s behavior. Under such conditions, if a child is late to the average kinetic action is directed to the doctor.

You should realize that in this way the newborn baby’s senses. Senses the environment, people and he is the first of many problems of distance and international connections which the child. When you put a child in the ordinary senses, especially touch-capturing, the hands must understand how to respond to possible causes of the feet of the body through the skin. Child, it will be more expensive or at least touch on the response. And it does not capture the observations hands a toy to the doctor or therapist is a problem. Some children’s parents, and even their head, touching hands can be seen everywhere strongly resistant. It is a problem.

In addition, the outlook contact (sight) on the need to be careful until you are one year old. About the baby is born 3 weeks to respond to bright light and progressive human faces, colorful toys, looked motion twin. If you see that your child does not fulfill the child should be referred to a doctor as soon as possible.

The hearing bottom. The child grows older baby birth due to respond to the sounds from the voice, music, etc. It is a very important consideration to what extent attention. If prodded toward the sound of the baby comes, if it is not responding to the voice of a clear problem.

Sensing problems as kinetic and understanding of the child’s behavior as well as on the parents, the child should be observed well in the first year. This condition may be caused by problems such as autism and children as well as children in general show no difference in complications at birth. Such children, communication, behavior, and understanding of the initiative does not meet. Pay attention to your child as well as a testament to the general pattern of growth in (the motor, senses, behavior, understanding, communication and all sectors) is here important than knowledge.

Children are different. Each child develops the same style, the same does not happen to move. It varies from child to child in each. So needless to worry, not suitable for children and the other comparison. Awareness is important that your parents. If the child’s growth is a shortage of the necessary instructions to the immediate attention is the most important.