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Young parents with as much screen time as their children

parentsI Pad that you put your bloodshot eyeballs, mom and dad in a good, hard look.

Parents of young children as its technology-savvy routinely screen the deepest, the new report found the nonprofit Common Sense Media from.

18 children ages 8 parents almost 1800 national survey, TV, computer, video game consoles, e-readers, found parents spent more than nine-hour day with smartphones and accessories – which 82% of the “personal screen media” not work-related.

The forecast that around six hours of study in the same institution from 2015 teens and tweens, and have not found the time and money spent on entertainment media use nine hours in normal school or homework.

The “reward” visual overstimulation may develop them more right than half of the children addicted to finding the technology that the rich were the more – and 78% use their media to move towards a model of their spawn.

Common Sense CEO James P. Steyer “parents their children, as well as because of the use of the media for the most entertaining, yet they are among the trust model for their children, and their children,” the findings of this concern about the use of media interesting “statement Referring to.

Instead, parents Pediatrics’ example from the American Academy can recent policy statement, you have a solid, not indulge in any other screen time children ages 2 to 5. The use of digital media in one-hour cap recommendations, and your favorite HBO drama program.