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Who is Santa Claus

This coming Christmas (Who is Santa)

santaNeedless to say that Claus brings Christmas joy to children. A long white beard like stuffing a beautiful dress cute … nice … the children see Santa but, very nice history. As a parent, you should be sure that among children born in Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, because of the priest’s biography should be feeding your child.

Today, children see Santa Claus season only media campaigns that invite customers to the stores. It is not a figure to be subjected to ridicule for children. Even Santa Claus is a capability that children had parents have a duty to understand the parent who the child.

Father Christmas, St. Nicholas Zia identify. St. Nicholas was born the Prophet, written in the 3rd century capital of the layers. Effendi and-and his parents were not going to. Debbie was a great property according to youngest days when parents Deprived of St. Nicholas lost life in the mines. But parental heritage assets, according to  Christianity, he was certain that the proper disposal of management being added to the world decided to aid their work.

He focuses more help to become disadvantaged by the post-accelerating after Bishop in Mira. A father without erasing afford to aid marry his daughters took long, agonizing St. Nicholas gold coins have been thrown out the window at the backs of kin. They did not know who gave the money. One day, a visitor saw a handmade stepped down coins. They captured their guest and that none but Allah that St. Nicholas learned. With time, a call to tell anyone about the secret world of this character not donate.

Christmas decorations and red socks have assured a place in the leg. St. Nicholas Fr funds for the daughters down by the window smoking. The unit flies socks was hung, stove heat dried over there. This amount had fallen socks leg. Red socks legs are among the Christmas decorations together to remember the incident.

St. Nicholas was one of the Prophet, as happened last fall to save a group of pilgrims in Jerusalem are strapped storms, is publicity. He became known that Santa Claus was “Cracker” and “Nasher” If the foods involved in a red vestments beards pretends to poor children in as the character. St. Nicholas Christmas three weeks prior to the Prophet in various villages and will give children gifts. AD 345 to 352, and the day of Wednesday’s body ascended to heaven and He is buried in the City Bali Italy.

According to the American legend of Santa Claus is in the North Pole, and that he is alive Lapland. Another brainchild of his wife Klauser. Santa’s job is to select children according to their moral gift marauders. Bad children coal cubes and sticks and pieces give children good toys and sweets will be. Santa Claus around the world is calling for binding foods. The carriage sliding over snow as designed and Elvis giving gifts to children around the world, Christmas Day is the support for witches.

19th century, the country of Norway Finnmark at Abersoch from Alaska, and he came bundle hundred deer dew. He came to Alaska in Yutz stakes if the natives how to teach the deer dew.

Santa gave life to the character in this way the artist Thomas Nestle authorities. Harper’s Weekly magazine by the artist in 1863 as the Santa Claus paintings were made. Santa Claus does anything the way the snow carriage horses, three related. If the woman’s inaugural Dwarfs support for the furry shoes and wearing two boots until the knee.

Liberia as Santa Claus beggar shown as a character lost in the broken ship. But two of his children as gifts Claus character we see crowds dressed in rags with a big belly.

Cork cork hat, wearing a Santa Claus dressed in Nigeria, he rode on a donkey takes. Greece wins the first of January comes Santa Claus. That day St. Basil considered untenable. The prevailing view among them Claus coming in fifth in Mexico in January that the Bible says melaciyōr, and Baltasar Gaspar add.