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What is photography


photographyPhotography is light rays or takes a note to the motion picture or still photos to create a process. In this process, the light-sensitive camera is directed to use the device for juveniles.

Photography is light sensitive medium (photographic film or electronic devices such as sensors) to store the scene by using the light of a reaction process. Usually the process is as follows. Reflecting the light emitted by objects or patterns of silver halide-based sensitive chemical or electronic means are used to reveal.

This process is carried out for a specific period of time, usually between the camera lens is contained photographs will get through light devices. As a result of the acceptance of this process will be stored as electronic or chemical information in the camera.

Trade and recreation sectors are many uses for photography in pairs. It acts as the basis for most print advertising and fashion. They can also be considered as a commercial photography and artistic process.

English term for engaging in photography “photography” photographie Workbench is based on the French word. The French word which was inspired from three Greek words, and they were together “light painting” gives the meaning. Traditionally the result of photography, “Photography,” which the common parlance is short “Photo” is called.


Photography at shutter speed is the time to open moving. Full revealed, or light exposure time, or the screen is proportional to the time taken to reach the sensor.

Full Exposure factors affecting the luminosity object, the aperture size and exposure time (moving), shutter speed and aperture size to no effect, can be used stand photographer. The use of light entering through the screen or half double allowed. To use a fast shutter speed for the exposure of any given hole (a small number) are required.

Usually a slow shutter speed is used in situations of low light. This moving down the long and because of the increasing amount of light. The basic concept of the digital camera photos acetate is also used.

Shutter speed is measured in seconds. A second shutter speed and allows the sun is about to take a photo. In addition to changing the shutter speed and exposure images are caused by how the screen. Very long shutter speed is used to obscure the beauty of fast moving objects photo to note.

The depth of field is determined by the change. This despite the distance of the object to determine whether it can become a sharp photograph. The amount of light going in the hole in the other holes flow when even one hole from a vote exactly double or half of the event. Shutter speed and aperture stop is open standard for shutter speed to get the same exposure as a step to reduce the 2: 1 scale was used. If the parties agree, according to the shutter speed,

  • 1/1000 S
  • 1/500 S
  • 1/250 S
  • 1/125 S
  • 1/60 S
  • 1/30 S
  • 1/15 S
  • 1/8 S
  • 1/4 S
  • 1/2 S
  • 1 S

Long-term exposure of the camera shutter speed 1 or 2 mechanisms are used.

The photography and the light energy intensity light exposure is known as arbitrage couldnt proportional relationship between the product. Increasing the intensity of a half, the corners to reduce exposure time. Many raw materials for a range of exposure time, this relationship is valid correctly. Light and low range of arbitrage is more interested than the equation of time with exposure to. For example, when half the amount of light needed for normal exposure, leisure time to get the same result will be more than doubled. This is known as conflicting fractions fraction used to correct.

Other words, the inverse linear connection between aperture and shutter speed under normal conditions. That should be the aperture size for a fast shutter speed. For example, exposure value to get the hole 10 f / 2.8 and, shutter speed can be used 1/125 S. Double the aperture to get the same result by f / 2 half shutter speed can be 1 / 2qs.

But the unusual behavior of the screen for a long exposure. Light rays can be described as a light-sensitive and eloquent Puerto range comprises light-sensitive clot. Generally silver halide used for amorphous. The reaction is required to create an image of light flow occurred. The collapse of the contact line is called the collapse of contradictions. Some reel films contradictions collapse easily eroded and some are not. Some sensitive screens for long exposure times are not normal-range levels of sensitivity. Manufacturers often conflicting right screen to be notified.

For example, in the exposure needed to here is 5 and the photographer’s eye is f / 11 at a time when the need for exposure of 4 seconds. The right half of the contradictions 1.6 exposure period extends up to 6 seconds.