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Urinary infections

Urinary infectionsWhy should we be concerned about the adjacent urinary system stones caused?

Urinary infections. Mainly because of the pain caused. It is devastating. When out on the kidney stone from the kidney and urinary dysfunction created wrenching. Some theory is that the pain is second only to the pain caused by that woman giving birth. Moving with walking, bladder stone initiated from the waist pain.

Stone flower pots down the urine can lead to scratches. And maybe with urine and blood. If kidney stones on both sides, both trapped in the kidneys cause the vessels emergency kidney passive balance ability. A long time coming atherosclerosis kidney stones, bladder bought a piece stuck in the kidney have a major failure. That is why we should be

concerned about the kidney and bladder stones.

What treatment to remove these stones?

No drug has been found to dissolve bladder stones of Western medicine. However, bladder stones have the ability to remove the yen. The drugs being given out to the stone that makes heavy urine tubes. However, no drugs to remove the kidney stone. But without a large incision along the urine has the potential to remove the body to pieces small kidney stones sent equipment to the kidneys.

The modern surgical methods do not need to cut out the body. It can not be removed from the waist to remove large rocks in a small hole in the hole on the stone can send modern surgical equipment. So do not be afraid of the surgery to today.

Why urine inflammation occurs?

There are several causes of inflammation of the bladder. The main reason is the case in the urine caused infections. Wound infection occurred when the urine as the urine each time dusting of dusting the areas of intensification will. In addition, the occurrence of inflammation affecting older persons and women is the fact that the urine. Urinary infections.

The amount of acid in the urine is high. Then the urine no injury even if not excessive inflammation causes start. Frequent urination and burning a long time have to be checked. The urine must determine whether any obstruction. If there are no impediments should be given drugs to reduce the amount of acid in the urine. More women than men tend to urinary infections.

The reason is that you can easily walk into the sterile urine road a short way of the urine of women. The newly married women to possible urinary infections. It is normal.

When the urine loss or hemorrhaging?

Any hole in the body of hemorrhaging in case they need to be concerned about. Urinary same way. If the blood loss with the urine of persons above 45 years of age, especially, urologists about the investigation should be carried out carefully, until the confirmation that no cancer adjacent sexual system.

Pain with or without urine is darker exit medical reason to meet. Cancer occurs infrequently. But the blood with urine should be very conscious of quality.

What are the male prostate gland disorders adjacent?

The prostate gland is known as the system of male urologists, sperm glands. This gland is located just below the bladder. While urine tube travel sent annually. No reason at 45 years of age, over 50 male prostate swell start growing prostate tissue. The prostate gland through the urinary passage moving so swollen gland tissue swelling due to the logjam mainline urine.

As a result, difficult to urinate. Move slowly urine, intermittent maintenance, as drops of water to urinate on a road than twelve per ten diseases such as urinary discomfort contests before the attack symptoms arise. In addition, the disease caused by the prostate with age, a few people have the possibility of the emergence of symptoms of prostate cancer. This is easily identified by a blood test and a few other tests. Urinary infections

The symptom of the need to urinate several times a night?

Allows prostate diseases such as prostate, bladder problems can weaken the ability to empty. If one does not want to leave the urine awake at night worrying if they had completely emptied the bladder before bed at night. But once up around the event can be considered as a disease to leave the urine. Otherwise the night several times to urinate on the incident symptom

Healthy person’s body the night of the urine originates less. But diabetes, suffer disabilities such as heart disease originates in the body in the urine overnight. Him a reason. The production of urine will be taken to the effects of such drugs increase heart disease because of the need to urinate more frequently night.

What to us in life is to urine infections?

Drinking too much water, the most important need. Usually, an adult should drink between 2 to 2 1/2 liters of water per day. Some are in the habit of drinking about 4 or 5 liters per day. It is not suitable for work.

A very important point has been confirmed by recent research. The drinking water per day to more than 3 liters of kidney, bladder stones designed to be adjacent to that cause. Urine stone has a chemical make prevention. The substance has been diluted too much water for drinking is increasing production of stone. The adult should drink no more than 3 liters of water a day. Child to drink-liter and 1 1 1/2 sufficient.

Another important fact to be noted. Any party that must purge the urine when they created the need to urinate. Otherwise, urinary bladder is holding their very unwise.

Having filled bladder for a long time that the walls of the urinary raffle Bay. Weak muscles. Then later that the wetting of difficulty. This is very common among women. It is important to leave at least once an hour urine than 4 or 5 years. It is important to remember that women often face, particularly urinary infections. Urinary infections



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