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Style womenHow to choose fashion for you?

We know that women and fashion has a cordial relationship with you. Many have been drawn to the fashion of all ages is today. Many women try to take one of the most exclusive fashion. Even if it may not be selected to suit the fashion they can go away by the beauty of your fashion. As a woman you really are significant and what about in fashion. It is very important matter. This will be better than the makers of style women.


  • Your body shape (thin woman has a different fashion than one match)
  • Skin color
  • Ideal chance
  • A costume suitable climatic conditions

Fashion in the selection must pay attention to such issues and should consider the following factors in the fashion. For today’s fashion world has come. Many accepted that women’s bodies are often exposed to more abuse women because fashion had more pressure in these fashion. style women

01)  defining the body exposed to much clothes prize

Women not to be fashion. But one beauty through fashion as any dust close to the most important. Although today many women showing too much body women as fashion, half-naked clothes that seem to show a tendency to draw more Clothes. Do not harm the others, a fashion never incurred. style women

02) simple, clean clothes and drag

We have to bring the beauty in all birth. Some women go to get more fashion is not a nice task. As a result, we draw what clothes clean, but very, very important to learn to draw simple.

03)  Do not wear jeweler too hard

You may appear to look at some Pandal lucky number Jewelry display stand for that model more beautiful. Be careful to choose the jewelry worn the suit. If you can not wear a necklace most prominent step back right ear jewelry seems so significant. So often when you Be Balanced simple fashion. style women

04) Do not wear clothes of different colors

Many women dark skin color wise. It is important to determine the color of the face according to the hardest color. If skin color is slightly lower light-colored color.

05) Do not buy clothes a lot more size

The very thin women slightly puff character most suitable clothes. Many fat women taking her clothes big fat may look more prominent. It is also the body can be ugly.

06) Do not put heavy makeup

Makeup should avoid a significant manually. Be careful about the quality of the makeup of the same market.