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Speech therapy

Speech TherapySpeech therapy

(parents are first Speech therapy) is a long wait that parents are happy with the phase of the selected fingerprint children communicate. The son or daughter a little right, “Mom … Dad …. “When I talk to the parent’s boundless joy. Many of our parents … among these happy. “Why do not say a word yet if our child …” is not enough to live with parents question. The nowadays than in the past, and see little children “speech delay” or “Speech and language difficulties” because of the disability.

Little children are born and the day usually forgets me gradually cultivate their speech and language skills methods until about 4-5 years old. The relationship between the child and the parents, and child living in an environment which is very good in its various stimulus help. Below is seen briefly in clear explanation of these skills.

0-3 months

Hunger, drowsiness, pain, Descartes said. Her eyes laugh. B .. E . Oh … sounds like a short response to vent.

3-6 months

like a single sound out the. Turning attention to the head of the external noise. The noise stops or changes broccoli. Laugh.

6 months-1 yr

The only sound again puffing (Baby … uncle … up up ..). Often the name of the responses. Try imitated the words. The sense of the word speaks (mom … dad).


Follows simple instructions.

1-2 years

Displays hand stretched. New words are beginning to say. 2 words together to begin (Papa Come to Mother).

2-3 years

Name, age answers. 3-4 words to add new words to add to karayi.dinapatā same. Well, counsel.

3-4 years

Full clear sentences (4-6 words) speaks. Traditional events described. Speaks about 1000 words.

4-5 years

The advanced text speaks. Stories can say. Details can be had. Ask questions. 1500-2000 words talking about

So should you have any words, the child was in a subtle observation about whether parents likewise showing the skills of these periods in the Laundry? The parents also occur only speech therapy.

“Gives a big one to the manor late … .. a little too late …” and ideas to parents any treatment, we have seen do not pay child … but the important thing is to understand speech delays, characteristic of other diseases will see why as.

For example, the psychological uneasiness (Autism), Down syndrome status (Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome ….), Hearing, vitality palate / lip (Cleft lip / palate), Apraxia situation, learning weaknesses (Dyslexia) … decreased in the speech and language difficulties.

One must mention another important point is that such a delay in identifying the initial stage, the treatment should be performed to focus on why the word.

do you know? Less than a place in the brain of young children is growing fast is the early childhood stage … .. (up to 3 years). In accord with the absorption of external stimulus during this adjustment of the brain has the capacity (Brain plasticity) maximum. Therefore, in less than turning to treatment identified early can be successful.

The role may be fulfilled as a parent you also conjecture. As for the child can be carried out with the following inside. (Speech Therapy)

* The child curiosity, and engage in pleasurable activities.
* Various animals, encourage the child to imitate the sound of vehicles sent              concurrently.
* Always use short sentences and simple language when attempting to speak with    the child
* Slow down your speech.
* The child’s early childhood contact with the work of your door every day.
* Contact your child and saying about the work you do.

If your child’s speech, what should be next if I knew he would be late? …… This is an important question.

The child should be referred to the correct therapeutic method for speech delay to restore or offset recovery path. It is appropriate to seek the advice of qualified speech therapy.

The first must determine the child’s speech and language skills level check child. Then the most appropriate method of therapy can be used to treat a number of ways.