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Sleep little baby

Be aware of your Sleep little baby

sleep little babyNot to abandon infant room Weeping over your baby at night? Time to wake up struggling with difficulty? If the belly full of milk children drink well slumber (Sleep, little baby). Belly of sleep nor do wrong when the child’s mother hated heat. Sleep is essential for the child’s physical and mental health development. Childbirth for mother’s bed as well as possible, whether to create a healthy bed for your child every mother, father, one of the duty. Infant bed bedroom, or a cradle to a comfortable warm bed, as well as very important to provide as much love and care for your child.

Infant deaths occur without any reason to suffer the same suffering in bed asleep without sleep as well as developed countries such as America, Europe (cot deaths) will be heard growing day by day.

Every year the children are put to death 3500 without a specific reason. Infants die instantly syndrome (sudden Instant Death Syndrome – SIDS) found that the cause of these deaths to more. Western experts point out that the pediatrician can reduce the number of children died after the good sleep habits. American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a series of experts from the term for advice.

Even newborn children, often parents in the West are familiar with to make a separate sleeping infant room. Our countries still practice so far has not spread in some urban high-class family who is now a separate room sleeping towards becoming fashionable. But most of them understand that such practices imitate the West, even one child’s life in danger. However, it is important that you have to sleep, little baby.

Newborn children directly with doctors specializing in diseases of the western United States, as well as a separate baby room alone so that improper bookkeeping. Mother and child are very important to a single room until at least the period of six months. They say that parents should not be used in the same bed in the bedroom and went to the child. Clothes, bed (a cot at) Better than use. The period of one year until the child only in the room to keep the best, they say.

At midnight when the child’s mother how the tired and dangerous moment, take the mother’s bed. Tired mother if the child suddenly fall asleep on the throat or may have to happen and mother are in danger.

The child would sandbags to the couch cushions for chairs or satin moving more dangerous. Because if suddenly fall asleep because the mother was killed, not even to breathe child fall onto the boy’s face pillows. Never infants sofa, chair or couch cushions to sleep alone or with someone else does not like Dr. Rachel Moon, head of the expert team advises. He said the mother æn̆daṭat dangerous than these places.

Health lord baby cradle, as well as the Teddy Bear and decorative pillows or toys that light in stored and crippling. When the child was asleep, they can be difficult to breathe child slippage on the child’s mouth. Therefore, doctors are advised not to leave bags and baby cradle. Child enough remains the face facedown on child mattress thickness of a well-laid sheets baby dress robes flat deflect advise doctors to stay overnight. After the fall of the block or on a child’s mouth and nose shifts such as trick too small Wrinkled bed sheets and mattresses, as well as baby diapers, the baby may be fatal harm.

Detention treats mouth child sleeping and feeding the child should not allow the drinking of milk. The night is important to look at the child got up when they heard the sound of the baby crying, but the mother at ease lad. Western countries are trying to form mothers of children from infancy age independently. Now’s mother has been giving doctors realized again that it was important to pay attention to them until you can easily do alone children.

However, it is important that you have to sleep little baby.