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serious injury

Accident with serious injury.

serious injuryToday, I told you all about here are succeeded with the serious injury the accident occurred in the world. Well, in this case, was my friend in Sri Lanka. 10.04.2007 in the morning around 07.00. Yakkamulle running from Colombo to the bus in the morning, my friend 06.50 Balapitiya bus station stops might be copied to ascend to the job.

He was one job that the Department of Examinations. Then he missed the train because it wound up leaving for duty bus. His wife also decided to leave things to bring to the event because of the Sinhalese New Year.

He and his wife were behind nearly 3 seat bus driver’s seat. At the same time was the first sound bar Bend Hotel Induruwa Beach as soon as the pass Kosgoda.

He came to the bus, had collided with a container for transporting the beer Bend. Unfortunately, all people who covered the road the bus was able to cover both doors to exit the bus, so it could all bookings bus could not come out.serious injury

After a while, the gas bar beer container fire trigger, there were all bookings, making their lives at risk. Gradually, the fire came into the bus. Bus passengers cried. Gradually worsened, given the fire started burning through its online.¬†People to be injured severely burned in cold. Not something anyone can have. Fortunately, my friend’s two legs only to burn spared. But his wife has ended with serious injury had left the world.

23 were close to death, and this is now the great danger is nearly 10 years. The case is still pending but in terms of a being. He knows that my old friend, and then his Son, his mother a little over 3.5 years left in. My friend, it can also move him.