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Safety of children

childrenToday I speak to the children in trying to rout them struck a sore somewhere. Small fruit, nuts not only the smaller toy, coins, clocks battery confining such things will put little kids mouth.

Urged to children, parents cried and requested time for adults to give children a little fruit. But little children so the parents do not enthusiasts looking concerned about how to eat them. The staff inert reason.

Taking into than some fruits of the seeds can get stuck in the throat, the children go. Rambutans and other fruits that die, beaches, Mangoes, Nelly, as if it can not get stuck in the mouth before eating the sour fruit of small fragments. Coins and small children to her mouth and throat are locked Watches battery may decline dangerously.

Any mouth of really has put them go. One airway. The other way of food.

Rambutan seed respiratory airway route if possible completely stuck. It is a small child of a serious problem. If this is not going to breathe picks imbibing been blocked the airway or around level if the death happens. Aid will be provided not given way to save a life when obtaining hard.

Rambutan, unlike small bone in prison, if breathing tube is split into small tubes of respiratory problems are less.

No such case child breathe much easier than shrinking. But small duct blockages or bone nut mouth or throat to choke, but other materials could create difficulties when the time.

Such situations are two important things inquired. First, to prevent. Second, to provide first aid.

There are several things to take to heart in the first instance.

Small children should rambutan to the plate to give the boy put the pieces into smaller sections to remove bone Yuan. Weralugaha bones out of the pieces of the dies can be smaller children to pieces, and fruits such as Mangoes Nelly.

When the boy food to eat fruits racial adults need to watch how their parents are eating.

3 years old, children under 4 and gets more attention is the need to look eye on those little adults when parents take up playing the same old toys when children eat even though food supplies toys.

Small children will have to note that the age limit toy suitability. If they are not suitable for small pieces of children mouth toys sale. The mouthpieces can throat. We have the usual ritual food. Eat not talking. If it does happen to little children talk and eat.

Throat just below the food line and airway preordained. The only road to both Gate preordained.

When getting together to talk is by eating one, things go respiratory route. They will breathe in the stomach. The adult child or an adult if the situation can you eliminate the bellies stuck eating. If a child in such a situation to need the help of an adult.

So do pay attention to young children in small pieces of food should be when food. Do not let the big pieces of food.

Rambutan fruit or another fruit boil, Battery Watches, toys prison if a child throat What should be done quickly?

In such case, the most important thing to keep the child’s head down so that the child’s hand and shook a few strokes out (part of the two shoulder) picked up strongly. If the attacks are going to throw because of chest pressure and can throw out what kind of bottle stuck in the throat.

The chest tightly pressing the trigger and can come out of what he has stuck both hands. These walks have done, check the child’s mouth. Marx’s mouth what might have also said. If so, has put into the mouth of the fingers to remove it. The aid to be sent quickly to the medical treatment.

If the child has difficulty breathing difficult to take the child to the hospital immediately and show.

The small boy drowned something that we can, except to know the value. The child needs to know to treatment. If a battery is swallowed, such as Watches doctor can identify if any part of the body is X-ray inspection.

Remove kid to put a reed if trapped swallow something. It should be sedated if a standoff respiratory route. Such a complex process.

Put your hand and mouth something to the children of the chance to see a fire or water, and often parents will put the fontanelle mouth so the child will do what it took the streets shouting that panic adults. It is thought that the boy or unduly. This accident could happen fall into the water or touch the water to catch fire. The boy going near it and focus.

Young children learn things for themselves. Breath is used to do this. Even when such child is allowed to put something appetizing.

‘Cote’ keys rebellion has been reported confining the opportunity sore mouth and hook it up when the child. Items can not become an arm to put their children out to this point.

Usually done to put something into the mouth when the children fell. So everything about the child who has already parents to alert adults should be necessary. If a child is such a mistake, not an adult hand in your hand.