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Pharaoh Menes

Pharaoh Menes

Pharaoh Menes (Egypt – c. BC. 3100)

The first emperor in the history of the world, the founder of Nicko historic Egypt, the first king of the first dynasty is considered as Pharaoh Menes. History of birth of a person capable of La duality, depending on the setting could evolve. The passage of such a character to play for some of the platforms should have. The stage was Menes postured fertile lower part of the River Nile in Egypt today is called.

From the tribe to the small herds of human society, then the self-government units with the great cities and, to evolve. Stronger than the impact of the conquest of the city further expanded was made to the villages around slowly. Programs. BC. 3300 when the Nile River was located around the city together high Egypt (white crown) and Lower Egypt (Red crown) was named the Two Kingdoms. Programs. BC. 3100 in Egypt under Pharaoh Menes king’s noted red two states were unified by one, and it became the origin of the world’s first empire.

Menes , until the world had no kind of political unit formed. Even the smallest unit of society together and become more organized units of a large process for thousands of years, the United Menes be built by Egypt, the most significant unit. Egypt no longer has not only made up by state together. Only red and white crown pendant crown on the head of one has not been. The two parts together are limited to single bonds without a kingdom or become a power in the world, was born. It is a sociology-economic system for the first time to the broad history of the birth of a political unit that provokes.

This was allowed to happen anywhere in the world other. But it was the end of Egypt. Egypt until the next century as a result of a number of years became the world’s chief UK. Menes us not ignore the political leader of his empire, he’s long existence testify about the insight to know what happens in the future Status. He led his control from the old matrix which is believed likely to use the world’s first alphabet letter in his hero’s reign.

Pharaoh Menes and his successors developed the world’s least complex culture existed until then in Egypt under the control of the state of almost 2500 years. Separate cities more self-sufficient in all the required none. Are they all depend on each other should be harmony. The center of political as well as religious society as the Pharaoh Doctors vast wealth and power and the growth has been. Pharaoh was considered above average king wills and gradually he became worshiped as a god by a state. Huge cities and large-scale engineering project to produce.

Doctors Pharaoh’s empire collapsed and were later found buried in the other new powers. Pharaoh, however, as the owner- share of doctors, an important milestone in the human civilization that spans from architecture to science are still remembered, will respect.


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