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Man and woman

Today man and woman what is the need?

man and womanMan and woman differ. Their needs, feelings are different. And then the woman whose man is a man than a woman today has changed. Their interests vary. Each woman is unique to each male. We can not square that one of their various abilities that even worse than better, compared to men and women. We all Blooded animals.

But what men want a long weekend has changed very rarely. 87% of the number one the most important thing they have the male. Also, they often think about sex life and a good sex life are willing to take. When compared to the woman than man and woman today was the woman today needs, interests opposite has changed. Their ear, unlimited needs. Today, many women are employed. Money manpower, they are expected to accept. Today has been found susceptible to the disease, but men and women are employed in this quickly. Every year, many women leave jobs because of fatigue takes. Therefore women suffer from stress at work and that women believe.

Today women priority in work. Although a mother with children thinks about the job than their children. Given a place to work, so she has money because. Women think that women should definitely not become alive without work because of the money.

Unlike men, women do not care so much advice on sex life. Married for a time when the sexual satisfaction of women thinks only a very limited number. More women he is not happy about the marriage so the husband. Today, women have engaged in work and increase women of pre Unlike some power in the family women in the past, but a man has a very humble, acceptance received.

Although men were then involved in education for women and the opportunity was lost. But women than men are involved in education. Today, things have changed somewhat willingness boys education. Frequently the spin, the only position not be tempted to acts of bad boys away from education. Today, the world often point out that schools kick out boys. When teaching a subject, boys understand it if he was steadily run away. But the girls are subject abandon the faith.

Today also said women are engaged in business activities. Or help with the work of his master’s business. Their level of education has improved. Therefore, women are more engaged in the field of employment. There are many changes in today’s man and woman.

The needs of women than men has increased. When compared to the past, but these women do not need men to undergo such a large change.

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