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Male and female

Why do male and Female differ so much?

male and femalemale and female. The man wants the woman to a variety of goods people are willing to include. The brain has a girl stripped to respond to people’s faces. Up of a boy’s brain respond to different products. Females have the ability to look at the eyes of others a few times, but for men as well as for lovers of smooth others.

The 12-year-old girls about their family photos together to begin. They Her family photos, other pictures have the ability to identify more than boys. Although unable to identify such children, both male and female child Can not identify their hot toy is soon. The girls will also be willing to talk to sit in a ring. For those other girls to look smooth, emotional prefer to Dana. Girls playhouses designed and would like to prepare their homes a little bit cute shapes. But the boys of significant others when prepared at home, slightly change the height of strong play set. Here is think about the power of women than men.

Unlike boys, girls to meet, eat and struggling. We’d like to take the play. They want as toys designed to deal with them. They like the way toys are designed to meet and play fighting with each other. But the girls do not talk to each other with one of the other, is willing to talk if the boy wants. They are busy to look for the appearance of her boyfriend attended a woman in their new class.

He looks at the track whether it broke the swings in a piece with what a boy. But women do not. The product has been careful to keep his near. Also, if you have a wedding if you are male, you are the people, decorations, clothes, they do not talk about. They will talk about how the pair spent the night. This is why male and female differ.

Then talk together and talk things girls boys together, prices are quite different. Knows all the women in the neighboring place. Even when it comes to the house, the men wearing ties Love knows all this. They speak together about these things. They talk about all the secrets, which are more bonds between them.

Boys than talking about different actions. If they play well when someone plays to talk about such acts. And their job, term information, talking about things such as technology. The men have silenced him with fatigue caused when a problem. He has to do is to try to solve their problems using their right brain. Giving him the left ear from the brain stops to speak slightly. While he can not listen to problems solved. He can be about one thing at a time. But his problems women face in light of the heart is speaking.

The men and women in different ways. The task has been set changes in their body. When problems are uncovered impossible to understand the changes.

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