Daily Dark Education, Money lifetime value the vehicle

lifetime value the vehicle

VehicleIncrease the lifetime value of the vehicle‍

The vehicle is everyone’s dream, he says. Parking a car can screw all the iron is left broken, we’re aware of to support properly piled on, the only sponge.

For this reason, we decided to tell you some important information to allow it to use the vehicle for long think deemed important to you. It’s not enough to read. Run course.

1. lubricant

The heart of the vehicle is the engine of the vehicle is. And our body to run the Engine Accessories like blood running between them to control the friction of the lubricant overflow support. By also switch the filters and the oil can change from time to time to drive your car for a long time valid status. Remember to change the oil every 5,000 miles each.

Do not forget we’re talking about the engine oil is not the only, lakes steering  oil, gear oil in this kind of thing happened to relate.

Run your car regularly happen if the vehicle wheels, especially the tires you are interested in is worth. And that can be a lot less subject to trouble vehicle wheel of the way winds from acting check before every ride on. In addition, we can retain the existence of your time the way you move through the wheels wheel vehicle lay a set of new wheels.

You must have something else to lift and wheels abuse down. That is, the vehicle testing elaymenṭ.

3. The fan belt and battery

Yeah, we have not thought much fan belt from a large part of the work is done. Because the engine is in front of the rotary pump pulley is connected to a water pump to it, alternator and air conditioning system work. If the belt does not have to heat up the engine in your car, and even get stuck. In addition, you know that the battery charge after the path?

On the other hand, the belt type is cheap because it’s your ad in the box Toolkit (tool box) not liking this belt two to three losses.

Battery terminal, etc. Keep clean frequently clean the car battery. Switch to less battery power

4. Brake

If you want to save the life of some of the vehicles are running course you should do is cut a little checks that do not work well brakes once every three months.

This is because when we hand them the vehicle service technicians service the various types of Chemical will use wash the dirt under the vehicle. Most of the time it does not add kerosene supposed easy to clean quickly. They hand brake a vehicle Washers or Chemical coating approach Voṣhar brake bleed brakes may be intact, showing once saudibased. Therefore, it is worth consideration.

5. Fuel filter

Moving from the fuel tank to the engine and lead to a small fuel filter is a small filter sends invisible waste. Therefore, once a year or lifetime can be increased by changing the engine filters.

6. Glass windows and lamps

Vehicle window glass, side mirrors with lights (Lights) kept clean. Enter your new or repaired the shattered glass. Remember to regularly check function, including lights signal lights. Transfer payments and check wipers etc.

7. inside (interior) to keep clean

Auto Exterior and Interior to look concerned about. Etc. Be careful to clean dust frequently using a vacuum machine. Things like the car CD machine performance and attention to cleanliness of the seat. You will one day be worth more to maintain and increase the good taste is perceived within the vehicle’m selling the car.

8. Servicing

If you love the same time, it would be the service. This is because if you do one service to the next shift, and shift service has always been able to maintain the same gap can keep confidence in the existence of time in your car.

9. Data notebook

You make these services, the oil transfers, etc. Keep notes in a small notebook to keep diaries or value. If the vehicle nursing times after the cause for the ability to have a table that nursing will say it is a good time to sell your ever moving to you.