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healthy meals

Healthy meals

healthy mealsA Healthy meals is to determine what the substance is and the practical coordination eats in order to maintain or to develop good health.

This will be done in all food categories in enough nutrients from the way to send on consumption. The food collected enough water is important to uniformly. Human nutrition is the most complicated topic and here were each to Healthy meals. 

The plan for the person, the environment, and health impact. The main obstacle has been the result of taking a healthy diet for nearly 20% of the human population has been a lack of food and hunger. The main problem of the developed world, the contrary is high fat.

In general, the diet includes healthy meals consists of.

01.     An adequate amount of calories to maintain a person’s metabolism and other activities, and it was to be done without putting any fat storage for approximately more than 30% complete body mass. The amount of energy that was adopted by many calories per day, you need a person’s age and 2000, gender, height and varies according to weight.

02.     It unsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats with omega balance – 6 and omega – 3 fat consumption should be sufficient to include a lipid. Of fat, a day passed that required a 65 g.

03.     Maintaining the correct ratio of carbohydrates and lipids. This is 4: 1 ratio of carbohydrate grams should be available should the lipids than 4 grams per 1.

04.     Additionally, avoid saturated fat and gaining.

05.     Avoiding inter-fat consumption.

06.     The consumption of essential amino acids, making renovation and rebranding as sufficient for cell proteins. (Contains all essential amino acids in animals and plants, some rice, and she will be provided by the essential amino acids than plant Malinga)

07.     Some vitamins and minerals, such as to obtain essential micronutrients types.

08.     Directly poisonous (heavy metals) and carcinogenic (benzene) substances eating.

09.     Avoid consumption of unclean food is converted by the human pathogen material. (Eg – e.coli, eggs and tapeworms)

10.     No harm from consumption and occasionally in small doses or advantages of certain foods or large doses for a long time without eating Aclear.

  • Or the effects of food provided directly using a large long materials – eg ethyl alcohol.
  • Hampered activity in the food of high doses with other body processes. – Eg cleaning of table salt.
  • Normal body activity uncomfortable scans foods. – Eg it does not contain enough fiber to clean the square carbohydrates.