Green tea

Green TeaGreen tea drink here knowing these facts

Green tea is a very popular drink among us. Diabetes, cancer die, but contains a number of health benefits such as cholesterol control, hoping to thin ours . Met drinks mostly green tea.

Everyone massive weight not going to just because of Green tea together. There are other things that should be kept to. Focus will be needed for things such as exercise and diet, especially. Then Green tea is to use body weight and other benefits achieved a number of things you need to know about Green Tea. The things you learn by observing and drink green tea has got you the ability to capture more than one notch power.

1. tea leaves may better? Tea bags also?

We went to the supermarket’s sale mainly Green tea is BAGS. The small packets at home are very easy to make. Instead, if we want to get the most that Green Tea has been healthy without Luz bag comes with tea leaf green tea is a type of good.

Tea bags of packing tea leaf powder or pieces have to make. It makes use of the most important chemical substance called catechin diminished. And we absorb part of the bag sideways boiled in a bag of tea catechin because of the evidence of a decline in its quality every year.

So even prepared a little troublesome. Green tea bags without drinking bought the best results can be achieved, going.

2. When do best to drink green tea?

If the objective reduction weight you drink your food and drink is the best way going. But drinking is not so suitable for food with someone who suffers from conditions such as gastritis.

To lose weight as cancer, diabetes, disease prevention and brain growth stalls in person must think in drinking, eating more appropriate to drink after about two hours.

3. How prepared a tea correctly

When used to the water temperature and cooking time may vary according to a variety of green tea. So you take more Green tea is safe to use the instructions packed style.

The tea drinking milk or sugar added to it not taking a more favorable result can leads. Anti-oxidation can Lost quality of the milk, especially to collect.

4. You want to drink once said the day?

It is a day to get good results by about 3 cups of drinks will suggest appropriate. 5 or 7 cups around drinking weight loss rate increased even insomnia, this may lead to conditions such as gastritis is the best exercise to drink three cups a day so.

5. Do not drink empty

Every morning, as soon as empty drinks done overheat. In doing so, your body can abruptly released dehydration become Gastric acid. Nausea, demarcate the space to sense physical difficulties such as confectionery.

6. drive before

The only drink tea to lose weight fast is difficult point. The exercise is very important.

Drinking before your exercise efforts can make more from the results. The tea will accelerate our body’s metabolic process. And it kafin your affordability (Endurance) pushed up energy and you get more time to exercise.

7. Drink to helpers minds

Fit the lips and rubbed together, not liking the brain to ask if you shy?

Do you frequently drink tea, exercise and bathe Fit: While operations of your brain will automatically grow. Tea drinks frequently by reaction rate to the brain, the memory, the latest research has proved that greater benefits such as disease prevention and mental growth.

8. develops oral health

Losing weight just drank think your beautiful smile that I could ever do to the tea? Do you?

The catechin in green tea makes your mouth if you have makes bacteria and viruses get over it. The unique ability to control dental caries is. Furthermore, it can prevent throat infections and prevent stench of your mouth.

9. I wish everybody a drink?

Despite how much health benefits of drinking green tea have tattvayanut inappropriate.

Gastritis can be improved by having people drink more green tea to their disease status.

Do not recommend to those suffering from a shortage of iron, such as anemia. In Green by courier to slow the body absorbed iron in food.

This drink is not so favorable existing small children drinking Green to feed the little children should be given food.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers the most appropriate refrain from Green Tea.