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Digital photography (SLR)

SLR Camera

slrDigital mean “of technology” means. The frequency is ‘0’ and ‘1’ is. “0” means no (No) ‘and 1’ of the YES (Yes), the meaning of things. Accordingly, the two numbers are added to the design and the digital technology. Digital photography is beyond the means of printing. It’s digital camera.

Here, the old film camera and a light-sensitive material, will be exposed to the light current to control. The use of the lens system so the lens aperture and their properties, portals speed, concepts such as ISO speed cameras which binds both. But new properties for digital cameras with a lens system used in the procedure is over. However, both these functions are the most important changes to the camera capability, photos and video creating their output at. Instead of printing the film has been replaced by a new broadcast light exposure process. Manufactured goods are the digital camera.

Digital technology and the gradual evolution of the origin. (SLR)

Past use large cameras, film, tapes of old photographs from the technology is not the technology is gradually improving digital technology evolved from above because of the principle. Mainly digital cameras have built two models.

  1. Type SLR (Single Replex)
  2. Photos can be instantly integrated (Point and Shoot Compact)

The two models of the SLR digital camera category to slrthe market presence of the limited number of models. Nikon, Canon, Fuji, such as the names of the cameras and Point and Shoot Camera type Compact models or instant photos can be a number. Nikon, Canon, Fuji cameras have produced under titles such as Point and Shoot Cameras Compact or instant photos can be square or larger overall market holds a 90% square-served cameras Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Konica, Minolta, sony , Panasonic, samsung, Olympus, Pentax and integrated production under-served by many companies (compact) cameras have been developed for high quality up to 8 Fixal Mega results.

Scene capture (View Finder) has instead built a screen LCD display and view directly to the quality of high-quality photos. Instead of using film cameras, digital tapes Light-sensitive keyboard. The sensor size of 16 mm to 24 * 24 * 36 found in a range of different cameras and it mm Compact 6.8 takes more. Digital cameras have larger sensors (Mega Pixel 8,10,12,16) using the most advanced results and Mega Fixal 3,4,6 and quality of the photos used in the Compact Camera sensor slightly less. Format storage of sensor data (Format) is more or less on the quality of the photos.

Impact on quality of resolution are two digital.

    1. CCD board and the number of actual micro-sensors
    2. The image resolution

    The various functions of the digital camera control switching (Switch) the number is too large. Because of its potential exposure (exposure lititude) because less than the membrane strips. Like the film tape to get a photo-quality prints but should be set high or revealed for failure to provide disclosure in real photo software. Silver grains revealed through traditional photographic film and digital photographs obtained image pixels (Pixel) of the form. Silver grains Ukraine 1-3 microns and the average pixel is 4-12 microns microns. (Microns 1 mm = 1/1000)

    ISO is known in the digital Noise (Noise / noise) and known to be very careful quantity increases the value of the photographs enlarged deciding. But this can be prevented thereafter by the use of advanced technologies. Nikon, D70, D100, Canon, Eos 30 D, 40D, 400D, Fujy fine fixed S3-Pro cameras have such technology is improved to prevent this situation. Digital cameras field of less magnitude, depth sensor light (Depih of field) escalates to infinity frames as high value.

    Digital cameras entire color image inequality (Contrat) tend to SpaceX, based on the reflections of a very bright high stock information report revealed disrupted. Detailed data is shown as little character prone areas, dark and white to white extremist. Which reflects the belt from the film other than the transmission of certain printing effects can be limited, fixed. But the first generation of a digital camera sensor gives photographers. Therefore, it can be subjected to a wide range of settings. Dark and bright parts of processing, disclosure standards, density, color intensity and quality, trying to reduce the cost of freeing up easily and optimal quality in the cabin as dark digital features like image that insight. The use of computers and software and also a major player can get.

    Selection of the most appropriate camera (SLR)

    With modern technology is rapidly developing digital technology hitherto received very rapid progress. The early products cameras and related technology more effective and the most advanced way to improve the effect of its price and model large amounts of currently manufactured by several companies as the most suitable for each quarter as all levels for any requirement has. The market brands of Nikon (Nikon) the company are in the forefront. The types of products Camcorders Camcorders chamber is configured as a highly rigid and consists of a number of additional Accessories. Highly priced and most suitable for survival. The use of lenses and accessories easily available and is very common in high-quality flexible and relevant stock market. Eg.

    Nikon Cool pix 7600
    Nikon Cool pix SI

    • Nikon SLR
      D 2 X
      D40 X