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schools online

Schools Online and Blended Learning

schools onlineLearning from all the schools online class action is carried out through the Internet class. It will be taught by the teachers through computer programs.

schools Online are in normal classrooms The students and teachers are connected to the Internet at home with the other children. There followed a series of structured curriculum for children and teachers to work remotely. Students interact with other students taking the same classes. They each online class, or can their class. Continue reading “schools online”


We go to Trip

We go to Trip

tripToday it has become the era of whole families gather together for fun trip during the holidays. What even less time, parents are their duties on December vacation interrupted or even frozen in children, their relatives .Red means aunt, uncle, aunt, referring to a trip with her aunt. They spend their time and money is no secret that for a place like this can really reach the children happy. If so, how should children really happy priced, organized a trip.?

Trip organized assign their children to decide where and when to go for. Where are we going this time ….? Give children freedom in places of a decision. Then too, the dignity of the person is important to visit their child’s heart will mount. Continue reading “We go to Trip”


stop food waste

Self-discipline exists does not  food waste.

food wasteWas published in the media last dates that are ready to follow the policy of France fined for food waste. As they engage in the unnecessary options and focus was instead of wasting food. Today functions as the other food we waste in many years of experience show the events of that when they see the opportunities.

When the ceremony is when the invitations for the children without even an invitation to give a chance to hold the baby at home that you do not actually accompany him. But religion has to be kept constantly thinking. The event number is calculated from the Vedanta, but the number of dishes that.

But you do not see you in this plate as a small child’s face the other side likewise share a plate of food. In some cases, the child will build his own voice as a necessary plate. If there is something you want more for what remained of the child after meals, let the occasion it did not take this any restriction suffer Booth. Continue reading “stop food waste”


Who is Santa Claus

This coming Christmas (Who is Santa)

santaNeedless to say that Claus brings Christmas joy to children. A long white beard like stuffing a beautiful dress cute … nice … the children see Santa but, very nice history. As a parent, you should be sure that among children born in Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, because of the priest’s biography should be feeding your child.

Today, children see Santa Claus season only media campaigns that invite customers to the stores. It is not a figure to be subjected to ridicule for children. Even Santa Claus is a capability that children had parents have a duty to understand the parent who the child. Continue reading “Who is Santa Claus”