Daily Dark Education, Health Breast milk from the child.

Breast milk from the child.

Breast milk from the child.

Breast milk Sri Lanka became one of the 21 who was given breast milk most countries. It takes pride in the people of Sri Lanka.

A permanent bond between mother and child is breastfeeding before giving to a clean wash newborn baby. Future strong, intelligent and capable of producing the foundation for a child this setting. And as a child can prevent the disease from giving breastfeeding occurs.

Baby right after birth, breast milk important?

All children need nutrition in breast milk contains. Light yellow milk produced after giving birth is important for child 1/2 hours. It can be a child asthma, such as disease resistance is confirmed. Thus, once the child should be given to all breastfeeding.

The only child of how much time should be given breast milk?

Water until at least 6 months without any other thing is enough to provide only the breast. It is to promote the child’s growth.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding a child?

All types of nutrition the body needs to be the child’s growth. The body easily absorbs well. Possible child protection from infections, diarrhea, emphysema, railroads, and hearing impairment, missed prevents obesity and protects from non-communicable diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular roll.

How long should the child be breast?

A child should be breast milk for at least two years. After 6 months of food for that. But the most appropriate for your child breast milk as possible until two years.

Disabilities caused by milk powder child.

Asthma, allergies, ear infections, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory infections, intelligence level reduction, obesity, iron deficiency, diabetes, childhood cancer types, exposure to environmental waste, bedwetting breathing disorders, toothpaste mess up and dental mutations.

The children of mothers not breastfeeding due to the adverse consequences of diabetes, overweight and obesity, bone weakening, ovaries, breast and uterine cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease, to reduce the gap between the children.