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Bread and buns

Why do not eat bread and bun

Bread and bunsNow women who have been so busy at home preparing food, such as bread and buns to use to the shops instead of food. But this much food you should think twice whether favorable.

Delayed absorption.

When compared to the food made from rice flour, bread flour delayed digestion. There have been long buried in the body because the body more time to absorb.

The rise in body temperature.

Because food is kept in the body over time by the food industry ranging from grain grown in Western Europe increased body temperature and makes. Court carbohydrates affect the body to warm up. Normally your meals per day of carbohydrates to 55% to 65% and should be contained. No longer will you lose the one bread and buns 85% of the diet should be balanced.

Potatoes, bread, and buns, bread with lentils such as food vitamins, proteins, minerals and get dogmatic. As a result, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, such as communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases is scored carbohydrates court reasons.

Blood sugar increases.

Generally contains bread: 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar amounts. If buns are about 2 teaspoons of sugar. Bread is a half teaspoon of sugar glucose 7,8. This caused problems such as diabetes blood levels may be increased in various complications.


Wounds not healing, blood insulin and rising body of water in which a number of carbohydrates decreased memory accuracy soaring. Carbohydrates to body temperature that increases due to thirst and body temperature also increase. Food such as white bread and buns more

Those who exercise inappropriate.

After exercise, your body burns fat and gives lighter cave. But then you do not have any advantage from it if the body with food, such as flour, bread, and buns. His energy is absorbed by the cost of food.