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steps an auto accident (auto accident attorney)

auto accident attorneyNo one wants to think about money in an accident, but you’ll know how to deal with the problems and collision insurance if you are planning it is important to the future. Here are steps you can take to ensure that smoothly slides the insurance process. You need auto accident attorney militia.

1. Prepare to happen before it.

Do not read the attractive auto insurance policy, you need to understand exactly what you are. “A lot of people do not know what their policy,” Michael gutter University of Florida Family Financial Management Assistant Professor said.

“It is important that you look at. State laws vary. You have to know what defenses for you, not the other insurance, especially if you will need.”

2. Then call the police, to make sure that everyone is right.

“Make sure everyone involved in something you really want to do first,” says Kip Diggs, spokesman for State Farm insurance says. If injured, of course, dial 911 for an ambulance. Or, more to avoid traffic accident out of your car going.

Experts advise that any accident, you should call the police. “I’ll take care of you, I have a cousin with a body shop can fix your car, even if the other person says, you still need to talk,”

Because you do not know that we would turn things, and will provide an official report of the police accident report. If you interstate highway, county or state law enforcement as.

If it is an accident or minor injuries without much damage, the officer allegedly operating as a mere exchange of information reports, files will be. If the accident is the most serious, the officer insurance process will create a danger of establishing support and legal liabilities.

If it is a minor accident, police officers arrived at the scene did not remember that.

3. Call your insurance company.

Despite the severity of the accident that you people in the insurance industry should speak to your airline. If any payment to be made to you or anyone else involved in the accident, knows the situation better than your insurance company immediately. (You need auto accident attorney militia.)

However, you need to contact your insurance company is not the case is on a knife says. State law often, the accident was your fault, but your rates from the insurance companies ban, he pointed out. “But if you are not protected from rate hikes, I’m someone (his / her insurance company asking about) think twice, that’s why you can see it the bender.”

If you decide to call your insurance company, do not put off. “Sometimes our customers and to be an accident, the other one is called first. After You need auto accident attorney militia.