Daily Dark Month: December 2016

Month: December 2016

serious injury

Accident with serious injury.

serious injuryToday, I told you all about here are succeeded with the serious injury the accident occurred in the world. Well, in this case, was my friend in Sri Lanka. 10.04.2007 in the morning around 07.00. Yakkamulle running from Colombo to the bus in the morning, my friend 06.50 Balapitiya bus station stops might be copied to ascend to the job.

He was one job that the Department of Examinations. Then he missed the train because it wound up leaving for duty bus. His wife also decided to leave things to bring to the event because of the Sinhalese New Year. Continue reading “serious injury”


Motorcycle accident attorneys

motorcycle accident attorneys

Motorcycle Accident AttorneysWhy we need is to motorcycle accident attorneys. Today the world has become more young people and the most popular motorcycle vehicle. If I see it as the main cause of various colors and various models of a more interesting as the market shows.

But in today’s world motorcycle safety is a minimum condition. The cause of accidents is a very dangerous situation. Serious injuries and deaths. Drivers of motorbikes because of exposure to road accidents than other drivers of the motorcycle from the load is mine. Continue reading “Motorcycle accident attorneys”


definition of beautiful

Beautiful, it’s too beautiful. Definition of beautiful.

definition of beautifuldefinition of beautiful  We believes that in my heart to watch things pretty well around our eyes is given by God. Defining of beautiful. As many may have been submitted.

We have many beautiful things in the world around them. For example, animals, plants, people, vehicles Collectibles Caspar. We look from different angles in what ways did the following. This is seen as a good society or another sees as contrary to law. So why are we different people in the world? For example, hand Finger Five is no one way. Continue reading “definition of beautiful”


08 natural healing and heal the mind thinking.

Natural healing and heal the mind thinking.

natural healing01. Lady

Women are three times to be buried. The first ones to become older. The second notable married. Third, those who are a mother yesterday. The three cases at one point or deposited or is gravely unfortunate woman became not good. Why, her master, protection, mercy, kindness is not to be. Such thinking is also important to heal the mind and natural healing.
Continue reading “08 natural healing and heal the mind thinking.”